The Bombettes are the Senior Women’s team at the Burleigh Bombers. Headed up by coach Emma Williams, the Bombettes have been climbing the ladder since their inaugural season in 2015. The fastest improving team in the competition, the Bombettes have come a long way since struggling to put 10 players on the field in 2015, to having over 40 ladies vying for a spot in the 22 in 2017.

In 2017 they finished fourth in the QWFA Division 1 Competition, narrowly missing a spot in the Preliminary Final. Fitness, skills, and game knowledge are the areas that the Bombettes have focused on improving, and boy have they nailed it.

CULTURE: there’s no questioning that the Bombettes excel in this area, and it has been key to their success on the field. The ladies place emphasis on team building, social events, and mate ship. They’ve been known to take over the dance floor at Burleigh Pub once or twice, often belting out Daryl Braithwaite’s ‘Horses’.

The Bombettes are always on the look out for NEW RECRUITS – check out their Facebook or Instagram and send them a message to join the 2018 Premiers.


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